Has the sun been shining on your portfolio?

19th December 2022

Generating an income from carbon neutral assets can really benefit a well diversified portfolio.

Knowing that part of my personal investment choices benefits the planet ticks off a little ESG criteria. 

This is both good for the my conscience while reinforcing my investing decisions, and as investors we also benefit from the income they generate.

During the past five years I have read many articles regarding the thirst humans have for power and that it will only increase in the coming years.

Global populations are growing and there is not just a need to power our homes, now it’s our cars. 

Industry is placing an even higher demands on power to feed the growing global population.

Taking note on what I read, since 2018 I started to balance the portfolio towards power generation both in wind & solar assets, as well as holdings in traditional oil, gas and LNG dividend plays.

One of the portfolios’ recent successes has been an investment in solar assets which generates regular quarterly dividend income.

After careful research I choose Next Energy Solar Fund (NESF) 

NESF dividend yield is currently 6.62%

There are alternative UK solar funds like: 

Bluefield Solar Income fund (BSIF)BSIF dividend yield is 6.14%

Foresight Solar Fund (FSFL) FSFL dividend yield is 6.07%

Whilst these funds produce solar power, they are also stepping in energy storage.

Any suggestions for US & Canadian solar dividend businesses would be useful.

Happy Investing!

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